Strategy Is Our Focus Technology Is Our Trade

Where Can You Go Without Strategy?

Your technology strategy may have been pretty simple in the beginning. You needed a place to store some documents, some simple software packages, and email to communicate with clients and vendors.

As your business grows you're faced with:

  • The need to limit employee access to certain files and folders.
  • Remote workers needing to connect to your internal network.
  • Compliance regulations.
  • IT budget planning.
  • More data and greater threats to data security.

You want your business to grow over the next few years, and you've defined a strategy for how you'll get there. But does your strategy include IT considerations? It should.

An IT strategy identifies how you'll handle the issues above based on your business needs. It's a road map of the technologies you'll need to reach the business growth objectives you've defined. 

Benefits of IT Strategy

Strategic Process

Innovative includes IT strategy consulting in every service contract. This means you work with a dedicated strategy consultant and maintain a strategic technology plan aligned with your business objectives. Below are the four elements of a strategic partnership with Innovative. 


Strategy Consultant

Think of your strategy consultant as your big picture partner. It's their job to get to know your business, goals, challenges, and vision of success. They'll then advise you of future technology you need to meet your goals. They're your liaison between business and technology. 

compliance person

Compliance Consulting

As your IT partner, Innovative shares some responsibility for security and compliance. We take that a step further and guide you through all aspects of the compliance process. HIPAA covered entities work directly with a compliance specialist to complete their required risk analysis including all physical, administrative, and technical compliance components. 


Strategy Meetings

Regular and open communication with your strategy consultant is a key component to the success of our partnership. You'll meet regularly with your strategy consultant to discuss changes in your business and future plans. 

strategic plan

Strategic Technology Plan

Your strategic technology plan is a living document that records your current technologies, replacement schedules, license renewals, and warranties. It also summarizes the results of your strategy meetings, identifying new technology or changes to consider as the business grows. 

Strategy FAQ

Do I have to attend the strategy meetings?

You should. Although we can't force you to participate in strategy meetings, the best person to attend is the person setting the long-term road map for the business. These conversations focus on where you are today, where you're going, and how you'll get there. We'll talk about adding or eliminating staff, expanding into new markets, developing new lines of business, or acquiring new companies.

I'm a HIPAA covered entity, but I have compliance covered, do I need compliance consulting?

Yes. Our compliance specialist is involved with your organization as much or as little as you need. As your IT company, we've taken on some of the risks associated with the technical components of compliance. It's essential for our own compliance that we verify your physical and administrative security, and you must have documentation from us of your technical compliance.

I just want someone to fix my computers. Can I skip the strategy service?

No. Strategy isn't an added service; it's how we deliver all of our services. If you're looking for a break/fix IT repair vendor, Innovative is not the best fit for you. 

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