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You had all the technology expertise you needed when you started your business from your home laptop. You gained a few employees, bought them some computers, made sure your anti-virus solution was current and away you went. Soon you added some office phones - simple enough. And that wireless printer you picked up on Black Friday has served your office well.

Lately, you're feeling overwhelmed by IT.

You find yourself working late. | You wonder if IT will always be part of your job. | You're starting to resent technology.

You're worried about how you're sharing files between team members. Your phones seem to drop an awful lot of calls. And since you added a few more people you're spending an awful lot of money on ink cartridges or toner.

You're sure there's a better way to do things, but you don't have time to sort through all of the options. As your business grows the platforms on which you store your data and communicate with your customers are quickly becoming essential infrastructure.

Your business can't run without IT and you need it to work.

By working with one partner experienced in all aspects of business technology you get advice based on what's best for your business, not on what new technology a vendor is selling.

You'll never be stuck between a phone vendor telling you your IT network is the reason your calls are dropping and an IT vendor telling you your phones are the problem.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

datto data backup appliance

Data Technologies

Your data technologies include:

  • The computers you use.
  • The server or cloud service where your files are stored.
  • Your connection(s) to the internet.
  • Your internal wireless access points.
  • The security devices that protect your network and devices.
  • Your backup storage that protects you from data loss.
  • Your email and data-sharing platforms. 
  • The cabling and network connections that tie everything together for a seamless user experience.

These functions are at the core of your business technology. As an IT company first and foremost, every Innovative service starts with support and consulting around your basic data technology systems. 


datto data backup appliance
Phone System Support

Voice and Communications

Your office phone system is likely connected to your IT infrastructure. This means that traditional phone system vendors must work with your IT team to maintain network security. Working with one vendor for data and voice communications means maximum efficiency from your network connections and devices.

Plus, office communications are no longer limited to phone, email, and fax. With video conferencing standard practice in almost every business, stand-alone phone and data systems are becoming a thing of the past.

Including voice and video communication technologies in your overall business technology strategy and support services allows you to comprehensively plan for and maintain all of the communication tools and platforms your business needs today and in the future.

You benefit from:

  • One vendor and one relationship (aka "one throat to choke").
  • Voice and communications aligned with everything in your business.
  • No time wasted.

Business Technology Strategy

Phone System Support

Strategy First

You can find any IT company to support your network. You can find some that also have voice and print/copy expertise.

Innovative Is a Strategy First IT Company.

That means we use your business strategy to inform your IT services and support. We don't provide standard solutions because every service is tailored to the technology that allows you to meet your business goals.

Strategy-First Approach

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A short 15-minute phone call is the best way to find out if we're a fit. We'll talk about your primary business goals and current approach to technology and see if there's an opportunity to improve your current strategy. 

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