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Ease Your IT Worries

Are you worried about your IT infrastructure or data security? You managed to adopt the technology you needed to start your business. You've been supporting employees as you grow, either by yourself or with some assistance. IT investments are becoming more significant and you're not sure if you're doing things the best way to support your business goals.

Managed IT Services let you stop worrying about:

  • Unpredictable IT costs.
  • The cost vs. benefit of looking at that nagging IT issue.
  • How long it will take for your IT guy to come and fix your issue.
  • Having tech trouble when your IT guy is sick or on vacation.

Why Managed Services

Innovative Incorporated Managed Service Techs
Innovative Incorporated Hagerstown Office

Managed IT Services

There are several ways to approach IT support for your business. Innovative is a managed services provider. After 19 years of offering everything from walk-in computer repair to commercial IT infrastructure projects, we've found that proactively managing IT systems gives our clients the best experience with technology.

We offer monthly service contracts through which we take on the management, maintenance, and support of your entire IT network. Through a long-term partnership, we get to know your unique network and your business. This allows us to deliver more proactive IT support and make strategic recommendations for technology that will positively impact your business.

Service Options

Innovative Incorporated Hagerstown Office

Two Types of IT Partnerships

Every partnership with Innovative starts with a managed service contract.
Your specific service depends on the scope of your internal IT staff.

managed services

Managed IT Services

For the Business with No Internal IT Resources

You might have a tech-savvy friend, neighbor, or nephew helping you out with IT. Maybe you're savvy enough to handle it on your own. 

Whatever your approach to IT has been, you're starting to feel like your business has outgrown it. 

Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services

For the Business with Internal IT Resources

You have internal IT staff, but balls are being dropped, and projects are behind. You're not sure what's missing. 

Whatever the size and scope of your internal IT team, you feel like there are some gaps to fill. 

Co-Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

With managed IT services, Innovative becomes your full-service IT department. It is best for businesses with no internal IT team or limited IT resources

Managed IT contracts include the following services.

Network Monitoring

Electronic monitoring of all devices. Techs are automatically alerted to issues like poor performance, crashes, and low disk space. This allows us to proactively address many issues before you or your employees ever even notice a problem. 

Learn About Network Monitoring

IT Strategy Consulting

Anyone can fix your computers. Most every IT solution has its place to solve different problems in different ways. Innovative pairs our technology expertise with an understanding of your business so that you can get the most out of your IT investment. 

IT Strategy

Help Desk Support

Every employee in your company has access to our help desk. Employees can request support via phone, email, or directly through your client portal. Help desk hours are M-F 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After hours emergency support is also available 24/7 as an add-on service.

How to Access the Help Desk

IT Support

The help desk attempts to resolve issues remotely and escalates problems to a higher-level technician as needed. When issues cannot be resolved remotely, a field service technician is scheduled to come to your facility. All issues are resolved based on the level of urgency and service level agreement timeline. 

Service Level Agreement

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Vendor Management

The ball is always in our court. This means you're never stuck in the middle between two vendors blaming each other for a problem. When another vendor like a software company or internet service provider is required to resolve an issue, we deal with them directly on your behalf. Never wait on hold with customer service again. 

threat management icon

Threat Management

An anti-virus solution is included for all devices. Your anti-virus program alerts our techs of any threats it detects so that we can remediate threats quickly. Data recovery is also included for clients who subscribe to our recommended backup solution. 

inventory icon

Asset Management

Every device on your network is inventoried and assigned an asset tag number. We keep up-to-date information about each asset, purchase date, warranty information, projected end of life, software licensing, user, location, etc. With this information, we help you budget and plan for necessary replacements, upgrades, and data destruction. 

documentation icon

Network Documentation

Your network and passwords belong to you. While we must maintain network access to effectively manage and support your network, we never keep passwords hidden or secret. You have access to all of your network documentation through your client portal. 

Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT is a partnership between Innovative and your internal IT team. If your internal IT team handles at least one of the functions of managed IT, co-managed is a great way to fill in skill gaps and gain strategic alignment between your business objectives and technology decisions. 

Depending on the scope of your team, there are two options for co-managed services.


Flat-Rate Co-Managed IT

This is your most comprehensive co-managed option and can include any of the services included with fully-managed IT. Our team handles network management and day-to-day end-user support while your team focuses on things like line of business applications and customized data processing.

We can also partner to manage your company's help desk through a co-managed service desk option. 


Hourly Co-Managed IT

Hourly co-managed services are reserved for the organization with a robust internal IT team. Your team handles day-to-day IT support and our team is available for a limited number of hours each month.

Most companies use this option to assist their team during peak workload times or to troubleshoot higher-level projects beyond the skill set of their internal team. 

Elements of Every Partnership

Managed service contracts with Innovative are a business partnership.
Specific services are tailored to your unique needs, but all clients benefit from our blend of experience, strategy, and technology.

voice data print


Capacity to support all technology including office computers, printers, and phones.




Flat monthly fee pricing model includes consulting, support, and maintenance.

See Pricing



A Service Level Agreement (SLA) committing to specific response and issue resolution times. 

SLA Terms



A team of IT professionals experienced in all aspects of business technology.

Meet the Team



IT decisions and proactive support driven by your business strategy.

IT Strategy

Additional Services

Every Innovative service starts with either managed or co-managed IT services. Additional products and services are also available based on the needs of your business.


Compliance and Security

  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance
  • Email Encryption and Filtering
  • Data Destruction with Certificate
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Security Awareness Training

Voice and Communications

  • Video Conferencing
  • Email Licensing
  • Digital and VoIP Phone System Installation
  • Phone System Support
  • Phone System Maintenance
printer copier

Print and Copy


  • Multi-Function Copiers
  • Document Management
  • Assessments and Cost Analysis
  • Managed Print/Copy
  • Printer/Copier Support
  • Document Security

Hardware and Equipment

  • Computers and Servers
  • Network Infrastructure 
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Commercial Warranties and Extended Service Contracts
  • Cloud Hosting

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Find out if managed IT is the right solution for your business. Let's chat about your business goals and challenges and if a better approach is a solution to driving your business forward. 

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