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What Is a Service Level Agreement?

A service level agreement (SLA) is an agreement between two parties, typically a business and vendor. It is a commitment to meeting identified service metrics.

Innovative's SLA

Managed service contracts with Innovative include SLA language.

Innovative's standard SLA defines our commitment to:

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First Response Times

For issues that do not require an immediate response, you can email [email protected] or open a ticket directly in your client portal.

Expect the first response to tickets opened via email or client portal within one or two hours depending on the nature of the issue.

Regular service hours (7 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F) first response times:

  • One hour or less first response for critical/system down tickets.
  • Two hours or less first response for all other tickets.

After-hours support is available for critical/system down tickets. An on-call technician responds within one hour of an after-hours emergency support call.

After-Hours SLA

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Hold Times

Calling the help desk at 301.739.7445 is the fastest way to get support.

Expect to speak with a live, help desk technician within three minutes of placing a call to the help desk (actual average hold times are less than a minute) during regular service hours (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F).

We're so committed to meeting the SLA that an actual alarm sounds in our office when someone has been waiting in the phone queue longer than three minutes. The help desk is staffed by a dedicated, scalable team of technicians. The alarm signals for any available technician to jump in and answer a help desk call. 

After hours calls are answered by an answering service and routed to the appropriate on-call technician. 

24/7 Emergency SLA

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Issue Resolution Times

Fixing the problem at hand is much more important than a simple response to your request. Your SLA with Innovative sets a timeline for issue resolution based on the urgency of the issue.

Resolution times*:

  • Resources are promptly devoted to critical/system down issues, and we continue working (around the clock) until the issue is resolved.
  • One-day tickets are resolved within eight business hours.
  • Two-day tickets are resolved within 16 business hours.
  • Three-day tickets are resolved within 24 business hours.
  • Low priority tickets are resolved within 40 business hours (one week).

*NOTE: Resolution times are targets for issues within our control. We make every effort to meet these targets even if it means deploying loaner equipment until replacement parts or equipment arrive. Sometimes issues like an internet service provider outage are outside of our control and result in delayed resolution.

SLA Success Rate

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24/7 Emergency Support

An Innovative technician is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 24/7 service may be added to any service contract and allows you to receive after-hours emergency support.

After-hours support is typically limited to critical or system down issues.

You must call the help desk to receive after-hours support. Tickets submitted via email or client portal may not be acknowledged until the next business day.

Critical/system down tickets received after business hours have the following SLA:

  • One hour initial response by an on-call technician.
  • Four hour resolution time.

Other requests received after hours receive a response and resolution within regular business hours per the SLA.

Real-Life Metrics

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SLA Success Rate

Don't just take our word for it. SLA success is measured and tracked. These real-life metrics show how we've been doing with our SLA obligations over the past few quarters.

Customer Service Experiences

This is what some businesses just like yours have said about the service they receive.

"Innovative has supported our IT needs for over ten years. Their help desk is incredibly responsive, and a tech is often able to address our needs immediately remotely or on-site on the same day as our issue."

Dr. Tara Sargent, Executive Director
Leadership Washington County, Hagerstown, MD

"Innovative is quick to respond to any questions and concerns we have. Their customer service is exceptional."

Stephanie Harrison, Office Manager/Sales
Frederick Magazine & Hagerstown Magazine, Frederick, MD

"Innovative is an amazing support to The Maryland Theatre...The Theatre is busiest in the evenings and weekends, and Innovative is always available over the phone and on-site as needed!"

Jessica Green, Executive Director
The Maryland Theatre, Hagerstown, MD

"Everyone at Innovative, from top management to all of those in the trenches, is extremely attentive to our needs. They do a wonderful job and always have a 'we can fix that for you' attitude… and they do fix it!"

Cindy Moore, CPA, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sulchek & Moore, Hagerstown, MD

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