Aaron Sipes

Service Operations Manager

About Aaron

Aaron first joined the Innovative team in 2017 as an intern studying cybersecurity at Hagerstown Community College. Since joining the team as a full-time employee in 2018, he’s done everything from day-to-day help desk support and field service to service coordination and scheduling.

Aaron manages day-to-day service scheduling, ticket statuses, documentation, and service team efficiency. He holds an associate degree in cybersecurity, an academic certificate in advanced network security, and several other professional IT and cybersecurity certifications.

Aaron loves bringing the team together to deliver excellent customer service. It’s one thing to ensure service delivery is top-notch when you’re completing the request yourself. Aaron finds it much more satisfying to pull an awesome team together that works together to deliver that same high-quality level of service across the board.

Aaron’s favorite thing about Innovative is the culture.  He says, “The people make the culture what it is, and we have some awesome people working here. It’s been a pleasure working with them the past few years.”


Even if you show up and you don’t get it, 100 times in a row maybe at some point you’ll get it. But if you have no names in the hat, how can you expect to be drawn from the hat? You can’t. Every day, you gotta put your name in it. -Félix Lengyel


When Aaron lived with his parents, they had a small farm in their backyard.  At one point, they had about 25 chickens with a big chicken coop.  As much of a chore as that was, he says the fresh eggs were amazing — and there were a lot of them!  Anytime he visits, he is still excited to leave with another carton of eggs in his hands.

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Aaron Sipes